Data Centers

Protect your data & the environment

We bring together extensive experience and expertise to create a safe, reliable environment for your information storage.

Speed to market is critical, but not at the expense of responsible energy consumption or the peace of mind provided by seamlessly-redundant backup systems. We carefully evaluate your needs, integrating the latest technologies and architecture to maximize sustainability, scalability, and reliability.

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We put in the work, before work even begins

Our evaluation of air flow design helps identify potential issues — such as cool air oversupply and air distribution short-circuiting due to high-density heat loads — before construction begins.

Once your facility is up and running, we perform knowledgeable, skilled maintenance of your cooling systems and their backups, including fuel oil generators.

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Account for every last detail

Southland's teams have the expertise to anticipate and account for everything from a broken chiller pipe to a high-magnitude earthquake.

We use our proprietary energy models to determine power density and heat generation — and the corresponding level of cooling needed, along with the types of systems that will best serve your facility.

And, we'll optimize your usage so that you're operating in an environmentally and fiscally responsible way.

Get the Southland advantage

Let's build something amazing together

We work to understand your project goals, partnering every step of the way. Through full lifecycle expertise, our integrated solutions deliver maximum value for your project.

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