Strategic solutions that improve healthcare delivery

Southland partners with the nation's premier medical organizations — public and private — to create state-of-the-art facilities that support the well-being of patients and providers.

By offering intelligent solutions across the full lifecycle, from design through maintenance, we help to advance your mission: delivering exceptional care to your community.

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Flexible systems for your evolving needs

Our design and construction methods and technologies help ensure your facilities are flexible enough to adapt to disruptions in a rapidly changing landscape. For example, we have helped organizations quickly meet global pandemic requirements.

While prioritizing occupant safety and comfort, we create solutions that minimize downtime, seamlessly support ongoing patient care, and reduce infection control concerns.

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Under budget, above expectation

Southland's integrated approach to every challenge means we're thinking about the entire lifecycle of the project from the outset. The result? Our plan is strategic, our designs are constructable, and our process is efficient.

That's why we have a track record of delivering healthcare projects under budget and ahead of schedule.

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Lower utility costs, higher level of patient care

We uncover and eliminate unnecessary energy expenses, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, modernize infrastructure, and increase operational reliability — all with guaranteed outcomes and standards of compliance.

By utilizing creative funding mechanisms to minimize upfront capital, our heating, cooling, lighting, and controls solutions cut your operational expenses and make your facilities more energy efficient and resilient, leading to an improved care environment, increased patient comfort and satisfaction, and additional capital to invest in new equipment and staff.

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We work to understand your project goals, partnering every step of the way. Through full lifecycle expertise, our integrated solutions deliver maximum value for your project.

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