We continuously build a culture of safety

— and prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees through our safe practices and procedures.

For over 70 years, we have continuously and proactively improved our approach to safety — earning us the reputation of being one of the safest contractors in the business.

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The ripple effect of safe practices

Our safety practices not only positively impact our business in terms of improved productivity, but also provide a safe work environment for everyone involved.

By ensuring our workers' safety on the job, we reduce labor rates, prevent schedule interruptions, and deliver a quality product to our clients.

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Our investment in safety & injury prevention

Believing that every injury is preventable, we invest substantially in staffing, equipment, and training. Southland's highly qualified safety professionals are committed to eliminating hazards and training our personnel to work safely.

Prevention through Design
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Prevention through Design

Eliminating the possibility of hazards is our first line of defense in preventing injuries and maintaining safe jobsites. As a design-builder, we design out hazards through early collaboration and planning. 

This means our engineering and safety teams are aligned in creatively reviewing plans and empowered to find solutions — including prefabricating work in the shop, applying lessons learned, and proactively approaching potential safety risks. The result? Avoided costs, streamlined processes, and safer jobsites across all of our projects. 

Our corporate safety program includes:

  • A Prevention through Design program that spearheads safety from the onset of design
  • A comprehensive written Code of Safe Practices and Safety and Health Rules
  • A detailed Injury Prevention Program
  • A team of dedicated safety professionals
  • Active participation in every aspect of the safety program by all employees from management down to new internship recruits
  • A Safety Incentive Program
  • A Return-to-Work Program to eliminate time lost to accidents
  • Quarterly foremen's safety training meetings and social events to facilitate communication between field employees and the safety department, and to recognize safety performance
  • A program for reporting, investigating, and tracking any injuries that occur
  • 24-hour availability of the safety director and field safety representative
  • Weekly "toolbox" safety training for all field personnel

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