Mechanical Construction

At our core, Southland’s focus on mechanical construction has been the tangible end result that takes our engineering designs and transforms those concepts into the work product that we deliver to our customers.  Throughout our existence, we have developed best in class construction services in the mechanical contracting industry and have the capacity to deliver individually or in a coordinated packaged approach each of the following services,

Sheet Metal – The first of Southland’s core trades when we were founded in 1949.  Today, we have developed expertise in installing sheet metal systems for a wide range of building types ranging from healthcare, pharmaceutical laboratory, data center or general office.  With each region of Southland fully capable of fabricating and preassembling ductwork in their local markets, we possess the tooling and installation knowledge necessary to handle traditional rectangular and spiral systems but also specialty installations of a variety pressure classes and materials including aluminum, stainless steel, black iron and fiberglass reinforced plastics. 

HVAC Piping – Through the years there have been many advancements in the industry related to mechanical pipe system materials and installation methods.  Southland has been able to monitor and adapt to those changes and expertly applies the system choices to match with each project and customer need.  Confidently suggesting a blend of system materials ranging from carbon steel, copper, stainless steel or even polypropylene along with pipe joint methods of traditional weld or soldered to more current industry trends of grooved, press or fused plastic connections, Southland employs craftsman with experience at working in the most unique construction environments. 

Plumbing – A trade that is driven traditionally by codes and standards, Southland’s desire to improve through innovation has led us to think big when it comes to how we improve in this core area of our business.  Focusing on modularizing our designs for fabrication and preassembly, we have been able to not only improve cost but quality as well.  Our lean cycle of offsite production has been applied to storm, sanitary, water and medical gas distribution systems and has not been limited by material or connection types.  As an industry leader, we have experience with common waste and water system installations but also much more complex systems with grease, hazardous lab waste, fuel oil as well as sustainable solutions for rainwater harvesting, gray water reuse or solar energy harvesting.

Process Piping – Started during the semiconductor and pharmaceutical boom of the 1990’s, Southland has continued to offer our customers the unique skill set of process system design and installation.  Today we find that this trade has been expanded to include installations in our healthcare, life sciences and data center projects.  Understanding cGMP process compliance, weld mapping, material source tracking and other critical measures necessary to provide quality control measures for our process work, Southland continues to employ tradesmen that are qualified to install systems that are unique to this trade in mechanical construction.  Whether it’s orbital welded stainless steel piping for high purity or heat fused polypropylene for corrosive waste, Southland has the in house industry leaders to design and detail final equipment connections and install each of these systems.

Offering best in class builders in the field of mechanical construction, Southland’s wide ranging resume covering various market segments provides our customers with the security that the craftsmen we employ will have the experience necessary to expertly construct each project that we undertake.  When put together as a complete set of services, Southland’s capacity to design, build and maintain our projects for the life of your buildings continues to make us a unique choice in the mechanical construction industry.

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