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PRN1 Data Center

Zero interruption to daily operations for a mission critical data center


Data Center


Prineville, Oregon




Southland Industries provided mechanical, plumbing, and piping interior improvements for a 90,000 square foot, pre-existing building on a data center campus located in rural Oregon.

After populating their first 40 MW facility in Prineville, OR, the client continued to hone its networking architecture, resulting in demands for cooling in portions of the data halls. This need led to necessitating decisive improvements.


With the goal of eliminating the concentration of heat from critical areas, our team's solution allowed for the building's existing cooling systems to better provide the required cooling.

Our work was executed in the operating data center with zero interruption to the client's daily operations.

To meet the project goals, we installed new exhaust fans and in-place measurement for associated ductwork. To increase efficiency, duct fabrication was performed at our Portland, OR shop and then shipped 150 miles to the project site for coordinated installation — which often included connection to existing and operating data processing. 


Due to extensive planning and coordination with other trade partners, Southland successfully and safely completed work without a single interruption to ongoing, daily operations.


  • Successful Partnerships

    Owner: Confidential
    GC: DPR/Fortis
    Architect: Sheehan Partners

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