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Los Angeles Valley College Academic Complex 1

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Currently being designed, the new Los Angeles Valley College Academic Complex 1 project will be an 80,000 square foot building. Projected to be completed in 2025, the new building will contain space for a multitude of curriculums, including business, computer science, information systems, math, psychology, sociology, ethnic studies, and emergency services. Additionally, the building will include new vehicle parking with a designated passenger pick-up and drop-off area as well as underground stormwater tanks and approximately 165,000 square feet of site development. 

Our Approach 

Southland is providing design-build HVAC and plumbing services for Academic Complex 1. The project's scope includes connections to LAVC's central plant, site and building utilities, new and existing city utility connections, disconnections, and relocations as well as new ADA paths of travel and overall site improvements.  

As our fifth project for Los Angeles Valley College, we are leveraging previous project's lessons learned and strategic relationships to successfully complete design-build HVAC and plumbing for the new Academic Complex 1 project.


With a focus on enhancing student learning as well as providing essential services, Academic Complex 1 will support overall student opportunity and engagement with the surrounding community. 

Once completed, this project will offer major site improvements as part of a larger renovation project to renovate existing buildings and build new sustainable facilities. 

  • Successful Partnerships

    Owner: Los Angeles Community College District 
    GC: Pankow Builders 
    Architect: QDG

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