Genentech Clinical Supply Center

Genentech Clinical Supply Center – B50

Supporting innovation in bio-therapeutics


Life Sciences


South San Francisco, California




Located in South San Francisco, California, the Genentech Clinical Supply Center is Genentech's small-batch biologics facility that leverages advanced bioprocessing technologies and a modular design to deliver investigational medicine to patients in clinical trials. 

Our Approach 

Southland provided design-build mechanical services for the new construction building on an existing campus. To provide access for all maintenance components without entering lab areas, we strategically located all air handling units within the new building. Using a team approach and harnessing innovation, our team supported the new state-of-the-art facility and its utilization of single-use technology and digital manufacturing. 


Utilizing in-house BIM detailing, shop fabrication for all galvanized and stainless ductwork, prefabrication of skids, and CFD analysis, Southland successfully delivered the project on time and on budget while providing future opportunities with Genentech as they produce ground-breaking therapeutics. 

  • Successful Partnerships

    Owner: Roche Group
    GC: XL Construction Corporation
    Architect: Fluor Enterprise Inc., Perkins & Will Inc.