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Pearl Therapeutics

Supporting the development of therapies for respiratory diseases


Life Sciences


Redwood City, California




Pearl Therapeutics, an AstraZeneca company, specializes in developing inhaled combination therapies for the treatment of highly prevalent respiratory diseases.

Southland provided HVAC, process piping, and plumbing design services for the 750,000 square foot, 3-story facility. Featuring manufacturing, laboratory, and office space, the facility consists of eight manufacturing clean rooms and current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) warehouse space.

Our Approach

To comply with owner and FDA requirements, our team provided various specialty process systems, in addition to the FDA validated clean rooms. The design features a purified water system with a validated 80 degrees Celsius one and one-half inch stainless steel distribution loop. The system features zero-static point-of-use valves, meets all standards, and eliminates contaminants.

To ensure the highest level of quality control for the critical piping system, Southland designed the system to be substantially prefabricated.


Southland provided other specialty process systems, including acid waste neutralization and liquid nitrogen storage and distribution. Additionally, by providing an opportunity to store and distribute liquid nitrogen, a critical utility for process operations, high purity nitrogen can be stored as a liquid and distributed as a controlled gas.


  •  Successful Partnerships

    Owner: Pearl Therapeutics
    GC: Novo