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Quick guide for federal energy projects

With so many energy requirements, competing policy mandates, and lack of funding, where do you begin? We've created a guide to help you better understand your building, determine your facility's needs, and build the right team. From energy savings performance contracts to utility energy service contracts and GSA schedules, we have the guidance you need to navigate your federal energy projects.


Assessment & Goal Setting

Set big-picture goals.

- Site goals: Determine if energy efficiency, resiliency, or energy policy compliance is your facility's goal

- Agency goals: Determine if agency goals match your site goals

- Energy Use Index (EUI): Determine where your site scores within your agency's EUI


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Macro Facility Needs

From a macro viewpoint, it is important to determine what information you already have, such as:

- Information from past energy and facility audits

- Mission-related resilience studies (e.g., IEWP, IEP, etc.)

- Current and planned construction projects

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Micro Facility Needs

From a micro viewpoint, understand how your building operates, including:

- Basic facility use and square footage

- An accurate building baseline

- Systems level condition assessment

- Building network status

- Future planned and funded upgrades or renovations

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The Right Team

Build a high-functioning, multi-divisional team made up of contributors from key departments, including:

- Engineering

- Planning

- Maintenance

- Information technology

- Environmental

- Finance department

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Project Funding

To fund your project, leverage performance contracting to identify savings from ECMs to pay for project design, construction, and maintenance. 

The Energy Act of 2020 (EA20) requires at least 50% of energy and water conservation measures to be done with performance contracting.

Executive Order 13834 requires a performance contract to achieve energy, water, building modernization, and infrastructure goals.

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  • By leveraging the best financial tools and resources, we develop guaranteed solutions that allow us to make your improvements with no risk and little to no upfront capital. Southland has significant financial and legal expertise, including experience with various energy financial solutions, programs, and tools that help deliver the type of analytics required for funding.

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