(USA Today) Clean Energy: Fort Riley

Jun. 4, 2021

USA Today

As they move the needle in the overall energy marketplace and forge a path towards the future of energy, the U.S. Army is embracing renewable solutions and new technologies. Specifically, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's is providing momentum towards the future with projects that conserve energy, reduce consumption, and enhance resiliency. At U.S. Army Fort Riley, that perspective paired with expertise helped deliver a range of energy-saving upgrades during a recent round of renovations, which were designed and installed by Southland Energy. Some of the improvements included, LED lighting, water fixtures, HVAC, controls, expanding the existing Energy Management Control System (EMCS), infrared heating systems, direct exchange system coil treatment and restoration, building envelope improvements, and retro commissioning.

Read the full article in the USA Today Special Edition U.S. Army Corps of Engineers here, from pages 62-66.

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