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Robins Air Force Base

Helping the US Air Force achieve resiliency and improve energy efficiency




Warner Robins, Georgia




Located approximately 100 miles southeast of Atlanta and 18 of Macon, Georgia, Robins Air Force Base is the home of Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, the 78th Air Base Wing, and more than 60 other units that make up a vital part of the Air Force warfighting team. The base is the worldwide manager for a wide range of aircraft, engines, missiles, software, avionics, and accessories components, as well as the full lifecycle of over 800 systems that are valued at $56.2 billion.

Our Approach

The base is part of the Air Force Material Command (AFMC), a key function of which is aircraft maintenance. Part of sustaining a world-class aircraft fleet is ensuring the planes are repainted periodically and the painting process is a heavy user of compressed air. Our team determined the base's existing plants were in dire need of upgrades in order to reduce energy usage and improve the quality, accuracy, and reliability of the compressed air supply to over 40 mission critical aircraft maintenance facilities and significant annual outage costs.

We partnered with the Georgia Power utility to provide project development, design, build, and maintenance services to reduce energy consumption, along with the risk of interruption to production caused by the compressed air system.


This federal Utility Energy Services Contract (UESC) effort will implement 10 essential energy conservation measures, including the design, development, and maintenance of a new, $23M central compressed air plant (4000 HP), as well the retrofitting of 2 existing, interconnected plants (5500 HP) with new piping, electrical service, compressors, air dryers, automation packages, air storage systems, and leak repair.

The plants will be designed and installed to provide a capacity of 2N and all work will be completed while existing plant service remains 100% operational.

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