Southland Industries Awarded a Phase 2 Utility Energy Service Contract at Fort Novosel

Sep. 20, 2023

Dale County, AL – Southland Industries, in conjunction with utility partner South Alabama Electric Cooperative (SAEC), announced today it has been awarded the Fort Novosel Phase 2 Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC) by the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers located in Huntsville, Alabama. The UESC will improve security and energy efficiency, and enhance mission readiness at the critical Army training base, which develops,coordinates, and deploys the aviation force for its worldwide mission. 

Building on the success of the recently implemented Phase 1 UESC project, Southland and SAEC developed the Phase 2 UESC to increase the efficiency and reliability of heating and cooling systems in 149 facilities and to continue the lighting upgrades in 127 facilities and 6 vehicle access gates, improving safety and security. 

Additionally, the Phase 2 project will increase efficiency and extend the useful life of 251 air-cooled chillers and refrigerant-based direct expansion (DX) units, totaling 5,301 tons of cooling capacity. Southland will provide ongoing service to the cooling systems, which will reduce the burden on Fort Novosel maintenance personnel, preserve the restoration of the systems, and sustain energy savings.

"This UESC will improve the mission readiness of the Fort Novosel team," said Oanh Tran, Senior Account Executive, Southland Industries. "Southland is very proud and incredibly excited to contribute to that effort, and we look forward to continuing the collaboration and long-term partnership we have with Fort Novosel, the Army Corps of Engineers, SAEC, and all stakeholders in this UESC."

Phase 2 construction is scheduled to begin immediately. Once complete, the 2 UESC project phases will produce an annual cost-savings of over $1.2 million and a carbon emissions offset of 5,535 tons of CO2 per year​.

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