Southland Energy and Centerpoint Energy Awarded a Utility Energy Service Contract

Jul. 5, 2021

Shreveport, LA – Southland Energy and CenterPoint Energy, our utility partner, announced it has been awarded a Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC) by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for the Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center (OBVAMC) in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Following a competitive selection process and a rigorous two-year development and design process, Southland Energy and CenterPoint Energy collaborated and built a strong relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to develop and implement a comprehensive program to address the key challenges, and ultimately provide efficiency across the entire medical center. The culmination of the collaborative design process was a $43 million implementation contract. This project aligns with current VA standards for efficiency, reliability, and threat management.

Leveraging significant healthcare experience and expertise, Southland Energy was able to determine the key measurements needed in order to provide early and accurate costs and savings along with a lifecycle energy, operations and maintenance analysis specific to the medical center. This project includes the construction of a new central utility plant and remodeling of the existing plant buildings to better serve OBVAMC. Southland Energy will also provide an upgraded, fence-to-fence Building Automation Systems (BAS) with a new dedicated fiber backbone, campus wide standardized LED lighting systems, and the restart, recommissioning, and maintenance of an existing 1.4M solar array. Overall, this will significantly reduce the hospital's Energy Use Intensity (EUI) from 223 kBtu/SF per year to 127 kBtu/SF per year which is a 43 percent reduction. Southland Energy will provide training and performance assurance services to OBVAMC post construction.

Southland Energy's implementation of the UESC with CenterPoint Energy will support OBVAMC in their mission to provide exemplary care to over 37,000 veterans annually, while making a positive impact for them and their families.

"Southland Energy is honored to have been competitively selected for this UESC with CenterPoint Energy," said Nello Tortora, Director of Energy, Southland Energy "This energy and infrastructure project directly supports improved healthcare for thousands of Veterans. We look forward to continuing our support of OBVAMC and other Veterans Affairs facilities across the nation in these critical facilities."

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