Dale County, AL – Construction has commenced on Phase 1 of the comprehensive energy upgrade project for The U.S. Army Garrison at Fort Novosel, which spans 63,000 acres and manages 24/7 airfield operations at 5 separate airfields and aviation maintenance complexes.

Following the successful development of a Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC) in conjunction with the South Alabama Electric Company (SAEC), Southland Energy has begun construction to implement the critical energy conservation measures (ECMs) as outlined for the initial project.

Through design-build delivery, Southland will upgrade the lighting for 782,000 square feet of facility space, including 50 buildings and 6 hangars. Additionally, inefficient and inoperable electric infrared (IR) heating systems at 9 hangers will be replaced with high-performance natural gas systems.  

"We are excited to get this project underway that will not only save energy with the lighting and heating upgrades, but will also improve work and maintenance conditions at many of our mission critical hangars," said Alana Klosky, Installation Energy Manager, Directorate of Public Works.

Once complete, the project will significantly reduce energy consumption, improve resiliency and reliability of critical facilities, and increase mission readiness by enhancing maintenance operations of critical aircraft used for pilot training. The project's improvements will produce an annual utility cost-savings of over $350,000 and operations and maintenance savings of over $150,000.