Culver City Unified School District

Expediting summer construction to update learning spaces for the first day of school


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Culver City, California




Located minutes from downtown Los Angeles in Culver City, California, Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) serves approximately 6,500 students and consists of 5 elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school.

Many of the buildings across CCUSD's nearly 75,000-square-foot campus were over 50 years old and beginning to show their age. With no air conditioning, the classrooms, in particular, presented a significant comfort issue for students and staff. After reaching out for community input, adding new HVAC systems was quickly identified as the number-one priority by parents.

Our Approach

Leveraging our HVAC expertise and our engineering and construction resources, Southland creatively implemented a host of critical cost- and schedule-reduction measures to safely deliver the $17.4 million project on time, resulting in over 65,000 hours worked in a 12-week period with zero recordable incidents.


With expedited summer construction as the only viable option, CCUSD tapped Southland to "make the impossible possible" and complete the massive effort on an extremely compressed, 12-week schedule.

Students, teachers, faculty, and staff were relieved to have air conditioning fully operational on the first day of school. Southland also pursued the design of a maintenance program to extend the useful service life of the new equipment.


  • Successful Partnerships

    Owner: Culver City Unified School District

"The construction workers are doing a great job. My classroom has a main control panel in it and they have to come in from time to time. On one occasion, without asking, I included a worker in my lesson. Without missing a beat, he contributed and really helped reinforce what I was teaching."

Haylei Torres
6th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Culver City Middle School

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