San Diego, CA – Southland Energy recently announced that it has been selected as a preferred Energy Services Company (ESCO) and is now a member of the ESCO Qualified Pool list for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

Formally recognized as an organization that has all the necessary capabilities including project and quality management, engineering, design, and construction, Southland Energy will have the opportunity to provide services to assist the CDCR in the implementation and execution of energy efficiency projects at CDCR institutions statewide and help achieve their goal of capitalizing on energy efficiency opportunities through retrofits using performance contracts.

With 34 facilities that include kitchens, dormitories, indoor and outdoor lighting, and more, Southland Energy has the opportunity to be selected for potential energy efficiency projects, work with the CDCR to identify and assess possible energy efficiency measures, and perform Investment Grade Audits (IGAs) for awarded projects.

Southland Energy is a member of the ESCO Qualified Pool list for the CDCR through August 2022.

About Southland

As an MEP building systems expert, Southland Industries provides integrated, full lifecycle solutions that optimize the design, construction, operation, and efficiency of buildings. Through collaborative partnerships with our clients and the collective expertise of our people, we create premier built environments and future-ready spaces where communities and businesses can thrive. 

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