Southland Industries Completes Brand Consolidation of Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Envise

Aug. 26, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada — Southland Industries today announced the completion of a brand consolidation with its Mountain West-based branch of Envise.   

This completes the final reintegration of all Envise branches to Southland Industries and another phase of Southland's plan to consolidate all brands by January 2023. As one of the nation's largest MEP building systems firms, this unification aligns with Southland's strategy to provide fully integrated building lifecycle offerings. Additionally, it improves their ability to leverage their combined expertise and capabilities across various regional businesses to provide enhanced value and services to clients and partners. 

"This unification is an exciting time for our customers and employees," said Ted Lynch, Ph.D., CEO of Southland Industries. "This consolidation of brands better represents the way we actually do work today. An increasing amount of our work is with clients that operate in multiple geographic regions, so this should remove any potential confusion for them and make it easier for them to engage us and access our vast companywide resources and capabilities." 

Since 2015, Envise has delivered building automation and mechanical services as a wholly owned subsidiary of Southland. Moving forward, Southland will provide building automation, controls, and mechanical services as part of its full building lifecycle approach under one brand, supporting clients with a wide array of expertise from a single point of contact.  

About Southland

As an MEP building systems expert, Southland Industries provides integrated, full lifecycle solutions that optimize the design, construction, operation, and efficiency of buildings. Through collaborative partnerships with our clients and the collective expertise of our people, we create premier built environments and future-ready spaces where communities and businesses can thrive. 

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