Southland Energy Selected to Perform Energy Upgrades on Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Apr. 17, 2020

Dauphin Island, AL – Southland Energy recently announced that the company has been selected to perform a campus-wide energy and infrastructure upgrade project at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama.

Appointed and approved by the Dauphin Island Sea Lab board of directors - a quorum of 23 public and private universities in Alabama - Southland Energy will develop an energy savings performance contract to implement energy conservation measures and infrastructure improvements on the marine science center.

"We have initiated an investment-grade audit of all facilities," said Nello Tortora, Director of Southland Energy. "When completed, this project will help the sea lab achieve enhanced reliability for its research laboratories."

When complete, the project will significantly reduce energy and operational costs as well as provide critical infrastructure upgrades for this remote facility.

The project's anticipated start date has not been announced.

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