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Southland Speaks: Rightsizing Your Goals with Habits, Rituals & Reflection

May 17, 2022

When performing our day-to-day job duties, we often focus on the experiences that we have while on the job to help us reach our goals — incorporating lessons learned from previous projects, collaborating with teammates, and leveraging company resources. But, as humans, we have multifaceted and diverse experiences outside of work that can shape and support our roles and overall outcomes while at work. How we live, learn, and work frames how we approach challenges, problem-solve, and work with others — and by incorporating our experiences outside of work, we can drive our success in many ways.

Southland Speaks, a Southland Industries Podcast, showcases our people and features their experiences, highlighting the ways they apply their real-world experiences to their roles and weaving their stories into the fabric of our company.  

In this episode, Ryan McShannon, Construction Manager, shares how rightsizing your goals is the key to actually achieving them — while on and off the job. By defining your expectations with clear steps, creating sustainable habits and rituals, assessing yourself throughout the process, and ultimately getting out of your comfort zone, you can reach goals in all areas of your life.


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