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Breaking Down Barriers: The Role of Women in Construction

Lindsay Janssenby Lindsay JanssenMar. 4, 2024

Women play a critical role in the construction industry, bringing unique perspectives, skills, and talents to drive the success of any project. Often bringing a fresh, innovative approach to problem-solving, women are a driving force in moving the industry toward the future.  

With opportunities for career growth and leadership, there are many advantages to being a woman in the construction industry.  

Katie Watson-Cruz, Project Executive, shared, "Women provide diversity of ideas to the construction industry. I also think that women raise the bar when it comes to delivering a level of satisfaction to the client and customer."  

In addition to providing diversity of thought, Ashley Hayes, Operations Manager, shared, "Women are generally better at communication and often have more empathy. Construction is a people business and I think that there are many advantages to having those specific people skills on your team."  

The industry is actively looking for ways to recruit candidates, focusing on diverse talent that can provide different perspectives and outlooks.  

To attract more female candidates, "We need to promote inclusive policies including parental leave, flexible working arrangements, and improving workplace safety and equipment," said Chara Gannett, Talent Management Business Partner.  

Attracting candidates is not just the only step in building great talent and supporting women in the industry. Ashley Hayes shared, "I don't think the challenge is attraction. I think it's retention because construction can be a grind. This is something that should be focused on."  

Breaking into any industry can be challenging when first starting a career. 

As advice for young women entering the industry, Niki Hruska, Associate Creative Director, offered, "Be strong, be able to adapt, and speak your truth."  

Additionally, Chara Gannett, Talent Management Business Partner, shared, "Actively build relationships and seek community. Ask questions and insert yourself and your ideas because your voice is crucial for changes and relationships are investments in your future."  

From attracting candidates to supporting them throughout their career, women have many reasons to be proud to be part of the construction industry.  

Tabbie Bosch, Division Controller II, shared, "I am proud to be part of an industry that strives to leave the earth a better place for future generations. For example, we build the infrastructure to support the population, renovate existing structures to make them more efficient, and capitalize on technology to use renewable energy sources  — all with the intent to create a better existence."  

By supporting, empowering, and celebrating women, the construction industry can build a foundation for future success.  

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