Business Leaders

Chuck Allen

Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence

As Executive Vice President of Operational Excellence, Mr. Allen leads Southland’s lean and process improvement initiatives with a focus on continuous improvement. Overseeing the company’s dedicated commitment to creating a lean culture, he facilitates best practice sharing, planning, and implementation efforts that ultimately lead to increased efficiencies, effectiveness, and profitability.

Chris Lofaso

President & CEO, Envise

As the President and CEO of Envise, Mr. Lofaso is responsible for establishing and implementing the vision and strategic direction of Envise, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southland Industries. With his extensive project and general management skills and support of a strong, customer-focused team, Mr. Lofaso is able to drive the performance of Envise. 

Dan Heichelbech

President, TCM

As President of TCM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southland Industries, Mr. Heichelbech is dedicated to ensuring the continued success of TCM and fulfilling the company’s commitment to serve all clients with integrity, excellence, and accountability. Overseeing strategic development and growth, he builds collaborative client partnerships focused on providing accountability and insight in order to deliver innovative solutions.

Anthony Roner

Vice President, Southland Energy

As Southland’s Vice President of Southland Energy, Mr. Roner is responsible for overseeing Southland’s energy business unit ...

Jim Meacham

Vice President, Division Leader, Mid-Atlantic

As Southland’s Mid-Atlantic Division Leader, Mr. Meacham is responsible for the overall performance of the division, ranging from project selection through construction completion.

Andy Schlegel

Division Leader, Northern California

As Southland’s Northern California Division Leader, Mr. Schlegel is responsible for the strategic development and overall performance of the division, ranging from project selection and sales growth to ensuring successful project outcomes.

Mike Peck

Division Leader, Mountain West

As Southland's Mountain West Division Leader, Mr. Peck is responsible for the overall performance and growth of the division, ranging from sales growth and project development, to service delivery and employee engagement.