Presidential Helicopter Support Facility


The Presidential Helicopter Support Facility, located at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland, is responsible for providing secure air transportation to the President, Vice President, and other White House officials.

The 259,000 square foot design-build project required construction of an 11-story air traffic control tower, renovations to an existing building to be used for administrative offices, and a two-story support facility for the Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program, known as VXX.


Given the critical nature of the project, Southland needed to meet specialized requirements for the HVAC and plumbing system, including seismic bracing, hookups for specialty equipment, and a compressed air system for helicopter maintenance.

The plumbing system of the hangar features a foam collection system which collects Aqueous Film-Forming Foam if discharged in the event of a fire. The system directs the foam into a large diameter pipe specifically designed to handle the full capacity of the system.

The radiant heating system Southland installed is designed as a vacuum type, drawing air from the burner sections. The burner sections are located near the hangar doors through the vacuum pump on the opposite end of the fans. The heating system provides 4,800 MBH and saved considerable roof penetrations and maintenance costs relative to alternative systems.


Southland’s innovative approach to the project resulted in the elimination of maintenance for three separate collection tanks, and scheduling of underground utility piping.

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