Penn Medicine Pavilion


With the goal of creating an innovative facility that offers improved healthcare delivery for generations to come, the Penn Medicine Pavilion will further support Penn’s world-renowned researchers, clinicians, and faculty. 

Planning to be fully completed in 2021, Southland is providing lean mechanical and plumbing services including 504 in-patient beds, 47 operation rooms, an emergency department, support services, connections to both the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, and 6 levels of underground parking. 

During the original planned construction, the COVID-19 pandemic became a significant global issue. In support of the pandemic, parts of this project were accelerated by 15 months to support Pennsylvania’s pressing healthcare needs. The accelerated plans were backed by the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team’s innovative efforts to provide a COVID-19 response in two weeks.  

The accelerated work request included bringing 120 rooms and associated support spaces (including an emergency department) online. The emergency department floor consisted of 45,000 square feet of non-critical patient rooms and the patient floor consisted of 36,000 square feet of 58 low acuity patient rooms. 


To honor Penn’s commitment to the environment and quality care, Southland and the IPD team utilized new technology, eco-friendly construction, flexible solutions, and the IFOA agreement to continually complete work and change scope as necessary regarding the global pandemic requirements. 

For the accelerated COVID-19 response, Southland divided up the workload on the team and used PM Huddle Smartsheets, allowing for the team to determine the most effective way of working. Southland also provided additional work hours and daily progress reports, relied on direct communication and enhanced project management, defined further requirements, had all fixtures and materials delivered ASAP, and focused on all new essential work, putting non-essential work on hold to meet pressing deadlines. 


Southland will continually perform planned work regarding the original scope of this project, successfully working as part of the IPD team to meet all project goals. ‘Go-back’ work will be performed to address necessary temporary solutions that were implemented. 

With efforts being significantly prioritized, Southland was able to quickly and decisively perform essential COVID-19 work in about a two-week timeframe providing temporary: electric water heaters and recirculation pumps, an oxygen auto changeover manifold, a medical air manifold system, manifolds tied into permanent source system piping with temporary piping to risers, a medical vacuum system, medical gas piping, plumbing fixtures, chlorination of house and temporary systems (risers and floors), stairwell pressurization for egress stairs, and smoke ejection fans. Additionally, the household hazardous waste plant was brought online as originally planned, but with an acute focus. 

Overall, Southland successfully implemented an expedited COVID-19 response for the Penn Medicine Pavilion and will continue to perform the original scope of work to be completed in 2021. 

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