Confidential PRN3 Data Center


TCM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southland Industries, provided mechanical, plumbing, and piping for the new construction of the fourth building on a data center campus located in rural Oregon. This was the final project of a standalone, four data hall configuration. This 40 MW facility also includes a central core area and office space which houses the facilities operations team. 


TCM was responsible for the mechanical design of the facility and completed a constructability review for both the mechanical and plumbing systems. These efforts along with the accurate monthly forecasts of costs provided to the client enabled TCM to meet the increasing capacity demands with limited design resources and to better manage the budget.  

Cooling for the data halls was supplied by using direct evaporative media equipment. An additional, dedicated close loop/open loop cooling system was employed for the critical, core portions of the building. Open-cell cooling towers and heat exchangers with associated pumping equipment were also used. 

TCM also installed a completely redundant cooling water supply and return piping, supply and relief fans, and on-site construction of penthouse partitioning using insulated metal wall panels. 

Throughout the project, TCM used BIM and the extensive capabilities of its detailing department. 


By owning the design responsibilities, TCM successfully supported the construction work to be completed on time, under budget, and with a minimum number of RFIs and design changes. Throughout the project, TCM also adapted its BIM methods to satisfy the client’s demand for using the Autodesk Revit platform and implemented BIM 360 Docs as the preferred tool used during the commissioning process. After completion of this project, the building was also certified LEED Gold. 

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