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Incorporate a Unified Workflow in Three Steps

Tags: Unified Workflow, Management, Engineering

Article | HPAC Engineering (September 2015)

A unified workflow is a single process that integrates the four main functional groups on a construction project: project management, engineering, constructability, and BIM. The goal is to make intelligent decisions about how the job will be designed and built, from project conception to completion.

When early communication is fostered between functional groups, constructability concerns are addressed far more efficiently than the typical request for information (RFI) feedback loop that normally occurs.


Built to Lead, Built to Last

Tags: Built to Lead, Management

Article | ENR (June 2015)
At the beginning of 2011, I was handling the closeout of a 1 million-sq-ft facility that my company, Southland Industries, turned over earlier in the year. I was also initiating two projects that had been fast tracked to meet a September completion milestone.

While I was busier than I had ever been in my career, my boss stopped by my office one afternoon to brief me on the concept of a new internal leadership development program the company was calling Built to Lead (BTL). A week later, I was on a conference call with five of my colleagues from various U.S. offices who would comprise Southland’s first BTL team.


Building Successful Leaders with a Culture of Innovation

Tags: Thought Leadership, Leadership, Management

Article | FMJ (2014)
In today’s marketplace, companies need strong leaders to stay competitive. This business fact applies as much to the facility management domain as it does to the construction industry. Both sectors face growing demands from customers for new and better ways of doing things. Companies must continually improve their products, processes and people to ensure customer satisfaction.


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