TCM Adds New Coil Line to Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 20:00

Today TCM’s Sheet Metal Fabrication team and supporting members fired up our new coil line. This is a significant investment in our future with the replacement of our prior coil line, which was over 30 years old. The upgraded coil line will bring greater efficiency and increased capacity to our sheet metal fabrication facility and position our Company to continue to thrive. The process to replace the coil line took months of planning and teamwork to accomplish. A big thank you goes to Ryan McShannon, TCM Construction Manager, and the TCM Shop Manager, who led the effort. This was truly a team effort though, which started with those on the floor and extended to our counterparts at other Southland divisions, who all helped in the process. This was a job well done by the entire team.

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