Cloud Infrastructure Keeps Firms Afloat During Coronavirus Pandemic

Article | ENR

Due to the impacts of the coronavirus, most businesses have decided to cease some or all activities, delaying or cancelling deliveries, and in some cases, furloughing workers and emptying jobsites completely. Firms and companies that have invested in migrating project files to their virtual workplaces in the cloud are seeing the COVID-19 pandemic as an unplanned stress test of their IT infrastructure, and something that other companies can start doing now.

Southland Industries has been working on shifting all of its design detailing and BIM work to Microsoft Azure and Workspot, explains Israel Sumano, senior director of infrastructure services at Southland. "Right now, we still have some on-premises tape backups but my plan is to have everything migrated to the cloud by the end of December 2020," Sumano said. Some employees are still required to conduct limited on-premise work and maintaining critical systems, but Sumano says the company is poised to keep going on projects.

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