BIM for Safety

Article | Building Design + Construction (2015)

In early 2008, as a storm approached northern Michigan, a 19-year-old construction worker raced to the rooftop of a multifamily building to clear the area of construction debris. Unaware that a metal roof curb—which was not secured or labeled—was covering a make-up air shaft, the worker tried to move the curb onto a stack of plywood. He fell through the roof opening 69 feet to his death.

In late 2009, in Washington state, a 45-year-old carpet installer was unloading 12-foot-long carpet rolls from a skip box through a window onto the fourth floor of a hotel project. With one foot on the window sill and the other on a roll of carpet protruding from the skip box, the laborer, who was not wearing fall protection, slipped and fell 32 feet to the concrete sidewalk below, causing fatal injuries. 

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