2017 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award

The Washington Building Congress (WBC) has selected The National Museum of African-American History and Culture project in Washington, DC for a Craftsmanship Award in the mechanical category for HVAC and sheet metal.

WBC is a local organization that recognizes the skills of craftsmen through the Craftsmanship Awards Program - an annual celebration of excellent work performed in the local industry. The annual Craftsmanship Awards is the only program which recognizes the outstanding skill and achievement of individual craftsmen in the local metro DC construction community.

Awards are made for a wide range of skills, including elaborate and technical installation of mechanical systems, beautiful cabinet and woodwork, artistic painting, and masonry and stone work. From 1956 through 2016, over 14,400 craftsmen have been recognized on more than 3,000 winning projects.

Congratulations to Southland Industries’ Frank Roberts, Marcus Tongue, Todd Cooper, Fred Davis, Tony Stewart, Don Milam, and Vaughn Queen for this prestigious award!

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