2011 WBC Craftsmanship Award

Washington Building Congress (WBC) created the Craftsmanship Awards Program to honor those who individually provided exceptional workmanship on buildings throughout the Washington, DC area.

Clifford Bell, Jobey Canfield, Lael (Ray) Claiborne, Harry Jordan, Charles (Lee) Sasscer, Colin Vernon
Project Name: Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Fort Belvoir, VA
Architect: Dewberry
Engineer: TOLK, Inc.
General Contractor: Turner-Gilbane Joint Venture

The advanced plant utilizes a state of the art, energy efficient building management system, which significantly contributes to the project’s LEED Silver goal. The plant includes Carrier chillers, Hurst boilers, chilled and condenser water pumps, and cooling towers. The USACE officially recognized the pipefitters for their high standards of work quality on the hospital’s central utility plant, as well as their “paramount” safety efforts and awareness.

WBC Craftsmanship Award-HVAC/Piping
Fort Belvoir Community Hospital


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