2010 EEPP Best Practice Award

Projects in this category should demonstrate leadership in HVAC equipment selection, distribution system design, and controls specification. Laboratory designs and retrofits are included in this category. Examples include: appropriate equipment sizing; energy efficient equipment selection; maximizing the benefits of local climate; air distribution system innovation; and fume hood control innovation.

The Near Net-Zero Maintenance and Operations Complex and the Horticultural Center & Animal Sciences Facility generate much of their own energy through photovoltaic and solar thermal arrays. The solar thermal power can be used to heat the buildings in the winter and to cool them in the summer through the use of a hot water fired absorption chiller. Hot water storage tanks allow the heat to be collected when it is available and to be used when it is needed. Dimming LEDs light the buildings. hese advanced systems are tied to the rest of the campus through an Enterprise Energy Management System to monitor and control the system, and share performance information with the rest of the community.

EEPP-Best Practice Award-Overall Sustainable Design
West Los Angeles College Allied Health and Wellness Center

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