Southland Expands with Architecture Department


Southland Expands with Architecture Department

With recent growth in Southland’s engineering capabilities, the addition of an in-house architecture department has been welcomed into the Phoenix, Arizona office.  The architecture group will support local and national projects as part of Southland’s strategy to provide a complete, full-service, collective, and innovative design approach.

By collaborating with clients, engineers, and construction peers and counterparts, Southland has the ability to define a project’s program solution at the front end of a project’s life-cycle. This results in a Basis-of-Design, or a roadmap for a successful project – aligning scope, schedule and budget, maximizing constructability, and providing a framework for effective change management. Southland promotes a unique skillset in terms of project execution and delivery, such as:  one team, one model, one united, constructible design solution.

Southland’s architecture group will provide clients with full-service planning (building, space, and site master), feasibility and code-compliance studies, and conceptual and detailed design for small projects to large-scale buildings.  Southland is experienced in creating viable facility and master plans that consider the relationships between intended use, existing operations, and the client’s schedule and budgets. All designs address short- and long-term operating efficiencies while creating a cohesive site, campus, or facility environment. Utilizing a collaborative planning approach engages input from the client to create the most cohesive design solution. Additionally, by listening closely to clients and stakeholders, Southland presents options for achieving the intended vision, and working together to create a realistic plan for implementation.

The origin of a project’s life-cycle begins when a client starts to search for either an architect to lead the project or a contractor that can provide the complete engineering and architecture design. Southland Engineering is dedicated to being in front of the client at the project’s inception. This position provides both the client and Southland with the best value proposition. For Southland, it provides the opportunity to effectively guide the design and construct a cost-and-schedule conscience project. For the client, it provides a single point of accountability for the complete project – alleviating concerns over aligned costs and schedules.

Southland’s architecture group is proud to be a part of a multi-faceted organization that goes beyond the traditional architectural engineering scope of services, in order to help clients through the entire planning, design, and construction process.

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