Achieving Safety Milestones: 2,000 Days Without Injury


Achieving Safety Milestones: 2,000 Days Without Injury

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For Southland’s Southern California Fabrication Shop, April 4th, 2014 marked 2,000 days and approximately 250,000 man-hours worked without a lost time injury. Achieved on top of 1,081 days and approximately 135,125 man-hours worked without a recordable injury, this was a huge milestone for our company and a cause for celebration.

On Monday April 7th, the entire division participated in a celebration that included a catered luncheon and congratulatory speeches by Southern California Division Leader Chris Taylor and Construction Manager Tom Finell. Special thanks and appreciation were voiced for Safety Manager Scott Limpus and Safety Coordinator Mark Shafer for helping our shop reach this impressive milestone. By providing the tools and training necessary for a safe working environment, the Southland safety team was able to efficiently help protect our shop workers from injuries.

The safety performance of our shop is a continuous, combined effort from our shop crews and management. Daily safety meetings and pre-task planning are just some of the essential elements to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the potential hazards that accompany their jobs and how to resolve such hazards. Safety issues in the shop differ than those presented by a construction project. Plenty of issues can lead to an accident if employees are not careful, including heavy forklifts, overhead cranes, machinery, welding, and the urgency required to maintain strict schedules. Southland provides the resources to create a safe work environment, but it is employees such as Leroy Ramirez, Shane Fleeman, Danny Pieplow, Amie Springer, Chris Scofield, Alan Blomgren, Don Bolster, Dave Ridge, Tim Parrish, Jim Richardson and their crews that bring a culture of safety with them to work each and every day.

It took more than just luck to work 2,000 days without a serious accident.  When a minor injury or near-miss did occur, the shop was quick to learn from the experience and take the necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence.  With this type of dedication to our safety program, there is no reason why the shop cannot go another 2,000 days and 250,000 hours without a lost time injury. 

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