Electrical Systems

Cost certainty and the ability to quickly update cost estimates as an electrical design progresses are both key for the successful outcome of your project. Likewise, securing an electrical engineer that examines the redundancy needs as well as future expandability requirements of your facility prior to design is just as imperative.

Southland is a collaborative, electrical systems partner capable of designing all the wired systems you need — from power distribution, telecommunications, and data networks to life safety solutions like fire alarm, gas monitoring, and security systems. Our vast experience in a variety of markets means we believe in real-time cost estimating and cost analysis from project conception through completion, and that considering future expandability now leads to the overall longevity of your electrical system.

Our electrical engineers design to reduce waste and improve design efficiency, estimating, and construction through extensive collaboration with our construction counterparts. Using a single model design and technological input from trade professionals during all phases of your project, we allow for a more efficient install with fewer changes in the field. Your project’s cost savings can also be optimized and controlled better from the initial install through the building life cycle. With customer satisfaction driving our success, Southland continuously looks for ways to improve your project in innovative ways, such as integrating modular design for a more efficient and safe installation.

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