Building Automation Systems

If your facilities’ building automation systems are not designed properly, they may not run efficiently and can lead to poor energy management and excessive operations costs. From issues like incomplete systems to overly complicated systems that are hard to learn, poorly designed building automation is more common than you may think. However, a properly designed building automation system will allow you to better maintain your building, remotely schedule equipment, troubleshoot problems, and receive alerts regarding significant building conditions.

Southland works to deliver the best building automation system for your specific project needs. We understand every facility type has its own complex set of intelligent systems, such as HVAC, fire safety, environmental controls, security, manufacturing operations, medical monitoring, and energy management, and requires a tailored approach with full vendor neutrality. By working collaboratively to assess each project’s building automation system needs, we provide durable, energy-saving building automation solutions for high performing buildings.

Our aim is to keep your facility operating costs low, while creating a database of what works best for your building. Our state-of-the-art systems are designed to help you control, monitor, and compare your building’s consumption on an ongoing basis, leading to increased energy efficiency, lower lifecycle equipment costs, and increased occupant comfort.

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