Integrated Project Delivery

At Southland, we have a history of integrating our in-house engineering, construction, and maintenance expertise and collaborating to develop innovative and cost responsible solutions—and we see integrated project delivery (IPD) as a natural extension of that philosophy. Essentially expanding our natural approach by aligning the entire project team with those same principles at the start of the project, the use of IPD and the multi-party integrated form of agreement offers significant benefits to the owner:

Optimized Solutions –Forming an alliance between the owner, architect, engineers, and contractors at the start of the IPD project, project decisions are made with valuable input from all team members to ensure solutions are optimized not just individually, but project-wide. With a comprehensive team in place from the very beginning, the design and construction of the facility is executed as a single entity. By leveraging our own internal engineering, construction, and maintenance resources, Southland is recognized for helping IPD teams explore and discover unknown opportunities.

Shared Risk and Reward – A key tenant of the IPD approach is to use relational contracts that reinforce and reward team collaboration, as well as distribute risk amongst the team to those in the best position to manage that risk.  Proactively taking accountability for the risks we are best suited to control, Southland utilizes a variety of tools and technology to assist in risk management and keeping our team partners informed of progress.

Cost Savings – Using target value design to establish scope and project costs, IPD teams relentlessly pursue solutions that maximize the value for the owner within the funding limits.  Given our history as a design-build-maintain firm, Southland is very skilled at conceptual design and cost estimating to identify and establish realistic goals.  Throughout the design and construction process, we utilize our engineering and construction experience to track costs and ensure our clients receive maximum value for their dollar.

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