Southland makes an excellent choice as a design-assist partner given our collaborative culture and ability to bring expertise in engineering, construction, and maintenance as needed to support the project. Our preconstruction and construction teams work during the design development phases to offer expert advice at the right time and improve the decision making process.  We have a proven history of providing key benefits as a design-assist partner, such as:

Better Solutions – Combining our expertise and experience with the team, we work to create solutions that uniformly achieve the often competing goals in system performance, cost, schedule, and quality.   Our input can span from system selection to optimization to cost reduction strategies such as design for prefabrication or modular construction.

Managed Scope and Cost– Southland deploys a number of tools used to assist with scoping and managing costs during the design phases of a project.  With our database of scope and cost information for a wide range of projects types, we establish scope benchmarks for the Engineer of Record that enables design to target strategies.  Our knowledge also minimizes scope gaps between project partners to improve project planning, trade sequencing, construction scheduling, and related activities.

Effective Communication – Participating throughout the design process, Southland develops a relationship with the design team, understands the design intent, and seeks to identify pertinent information that facilitates construction.  This exchange of information results in improved construction schedules and significant reduction in field driven requests for information.

Shared Resources –Given our capabilities as an engineering firm, Southland can provide production assistance for the Engineering of Record to assist with the development of construction documents and leverage the use of a single model for both design and fabrication, resulting in a streamlined approach to the entire effort.

Cost Guarantees - Southland is well versed in preparing conceptual estimates and corresponding scope targets to establish an initial guaranteed maximum price early in the stages of design.  We remain actively engaged in the design activities, offering ideas and support to manage cost goals.  At a time of the owners choosing, Southland is able to transition to a guaranteed maximum price or lump sum contract to accept the financial risk for our scope of work on the project.

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