Training Programs for Employees

At Southland, we believe time and money invested in the career development of the individuals that work here is also an investment in our business. The more our employees know, the better we are as a company.

Priding ourselves on the progressive nature of our work, Southland offers a variety of programs to better our employees. From technical trainings that assist individuals in the jobs they hold now to leadership development programs that help prepare them for future roles, our people are able to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and processes and lead us into the future.

On-the-job training, vendor training, and our web-based Southland Industries University courses are just a few of the ongoing learning opportunities available at Southland. In addition, we offer programs like field leadership training, participation in apprenticeship programs with local unions, continued education possibilities, and our internal Built to Lead program for our employees to utilize as a means of exceling at Southland as well as within our industry.