Program Benefits

Southland Engineering has multiple office locations—and competitively paid  internship opportunities—across the country. Whether your learning experience occurs in California, Las Vegas, or right outside Washington, DC, you will be placed with a mentor to help guide and teach you throughout your summer here. Each mentor is a full-time Southland employee working in the same department or with the same trade you initially expressed interest in —and is a great resource for questions! 

 As an added convenience, intern housing is provided (and encouraged) for all interns. Because Southland interns are handpicked from a variety of schools and likely have never met before, we secure—and pay for—your housing for the duration of your internship. Intern housing is generally within close proximity to the office where you have been placed and is a great way to get to know your fellow interns outside of work.   

Once you begin your internship, you will go through a brief orientation to get acquainted with your peers, mentors, and other resources throughout the company. With an introductory overview of the activities and events your internship will include in the coming months, you will quickly learn that an internship at Southland is an action-packed adventure

Each week, you will take part in scheduled intern trainings that expose you to various areas of the company and ensure you have a complete overview of what it is we do. Meanwhile, guided job walks to some of our most noteworthy projects help you see concepts transform into reality and truly comprehend the scale and innovation that can accompany a Southland project. Aside from work, events like cornhole tournaments, outings to professional baseball games, and barbeques hosted by Southland employees help you network not only with other interns, but key individuals in the industry, as well.