Intern Advice

Many of our past interns have gone on to have thriving careers at Southland. From designers and project managers to executive leadership, students that intern at Southland often become employees that excel at Southland. In fact, our CEO Ted Lynch was Southland’s very first intern. The employees below are just a few of Southland’s success stories:

Ted Lynch
   Ted Lynch, CEO
   Doctorate in Architectural Engineering
   Southland Intern in 1993 and 1994
“Make the most of every opportunity. Be eager to learn the business and willing to step in and do anything. A passion for learning and trying new things will take you very far in this company. Max out your current position, then pursue new responsibilities.”
Gary Lovewell
   Gary Lovewell, Sr. Project Manager
   Bachelor's in Architectural Engineering
   Southland Intern in 2003
“Southland gives you a wide variety of experiences and opportunities, which means a wide array of career paths you could head down. My internship gave me the focus I needed during my last year of school to realize what path I wanted to head down. ”
Jessica Baker
   Jessica Baker, Sr. Design Engineer
   Master's of Architectural Engineering
   Southland Intern in 2004
“Whether you are an engineer or any other position in this company, it is important to realize that being a good communicator accelerates your growth as a professional, and therefore, your career. People skills go a long way. If you can communicate effectively and comfortably, that is more than half the battle in achieving success. ”
Andy Rhodes
   Andy Rhodes, Design Engineer
   Master's in Architectural Engineering
   Southland Intern in 2006
“Take advantage of the resources around you while you are here, interning. Ask a lot of questions. Take time to meet people who work in departments other than your own, spend time learning from them, and broaden your knowledge of both engineering and construction.”
Matt Bruening
   Matt Bruening, Operations Manager
   Bachelor's in Construction Management
   Southland Intern in 1999
“Think of your internship as a drawn-out interview. We are looking at you to see what added value you could bring our company if you joined us long-term, and at the same time you should be checking us out to make sure this is somewhere you would want to spend a few years, maybe even decades if you make a career here. Ultimately, this is a place where we enjoy the work we do and the people we get to do it with.”
Chad Hoffer
   Chad Hoffer, Service Technician
   Bachelor's in Building Automation Technology
   Southland Intern in 2008
“Look to those that have more experience than you and look to your peers; don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can get further by collaborating. Also, don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture. Break everything down, piece by piece, system by system. Every one operates differently, but in the end, they all work together.”
Laura Slingerland
   Laura Slingerland, Sr. Project Manager
   Master's in Architectural Engineering & Construction Management
   Southland Intern in 2001
“Take on as many responsibilities as you can, but always follow through with your supervisor and finish the tasks you committed to, initially. You’re given real work here and real deadlines, so you are accountable. Trying things first and coming up with solutions on your own, then bouncing them off other people is also important. Understand your solution may work, but there may be others out there, too. Be willing to learn and take on anything you can. ”
Ashley Hayes
   Ashley Hayes, Project Engineer
   Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering
   Southland Intern in 2009
“Always ask questions. Don’t ever be intimidated to ask questions. You may think you’ll look stupid, but the only ones who really look stupid are those that don’t ask. An internship with Southland is an incredible opportunity because this is a company that offers so many options for your career. Do your best to figure out if this is what you are looking for or not. ”