Design-Build is the optimal project delivery system for developers or GCs bidding on major government contracts – and Southland is the ideal Design-Build mechanical engineering firm to add to your team. As an experienced team member on both small and large project bids for a variety of federal agencies, Southland has a track record of success, which we can demonstrate during RFQ/RFP process with established data and information including:

  • Project profile sheets
  • Qualification sheets
  • Previously developed teams and project information
  • Performance questionnaires

The Design-Build Advantage
All of our Design-Build resources are in-house, as opposed to our having to first subcontract with designers and engineers after we win a job. Our design and engineering approach is fully integrated. It’s this genuine Design-Build model that allows us to make your bid – and the resulting project – a success. 

Best Value
When the relevant agency conducts its Best Value analysis, having Southland as a member of your team helps position you for selection. We’ll work with the project team to determine which categories will be most heavily weighted for that particular project, and how to achieve the highest score. Southland will help your team come out ahead:

  • Budget – The fully-integrated nature of our Design-Build approach means we can accurately develop overall project budgets, maintain the lowest possible project price throughout the procurement process and manage the project in accordance with the set budget throughout the performance phase
  • Program – Our specialty in a variety of industry areas and facility types means we’re closely in tune with the particular technical and environmental needs for the facility
  • Architectural Appearance – Southland is able to find the right balance between aesthetic appeal and performance function

Green Design
Government buildings must achieve reduced energy consumption beyond the current standards. As a certified Energy Star® partner, Southland can guarantee that you’ll meet or exceed that benchmark. Our in-house energy modeling experts will determine how to meet the energy requirements in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way possible, and they’ll figure out how the facility and its operators can keep reducing energy consumption. We balance our consistent innovation with hard data that documents the success of our approaches, making the relevant government agency more comfortable with trying new approaches. And whether the project’s LEED level is set at Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum, Southland can guarantee its systems will achieve the goal.

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