Designing next generation aerospace facilities calls for cost-responsible, creative, and innovative solutions that challenge potentially outdated or conservative standards. Facilities that include high-security systems, dynamic computer equipment, and state-of-the-art laboratories require an engineering partner that can raise the bar in design, not your budget.

From clean rooms, thermal vacuum chambers and anechoic chambers to SCIF and TEMPEST secured rooms, Southland strives to understand the program requirements, budget constraints, and design standards to validate practical alternatives. Our experience with high bay clean rooms, specialty gas systems, cryogenics, clean steam and water systems, as well as compressed air and vacuum systems ensures appropriate environmental conditions and systems that protect sensitive components and instruments.

Utilizing our design capabilities, our team of engineering experts parameterize design variables and perform sensitivity analyses, leading to a shortened design phase and an effectively optimized design. The virtual design used during this process allows both clients and designers to visualize the outcome, predict critical scenarios, and propose practical solutions prior to installation in a more accurate and cost-responsible manner. Having access to in-house constructability experts provides realistic options of utilizing a modular construction to cut overall costs and design for safety from concept to completion and operation.

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