Southland Industries prides itself on being a leader in the green building movement. As a building systems firm, we've been providing cost-effective, energy efficient mechanical solutions for over 60 years. Recognizing the growing global concern for energy savings and the large impact that the reduction of facilities energy consumption can cause, Southland developed Southland Industries Energy, a standalone group dedicated entirely to energy services solutions and sustainability. As both a service provider and a corporate organization, our goal is to responsibly conserve natural resources and seek ways to eliminate waste from everything that we do.

Before the government and private industry began the shift toward energy awareness, Southland was already examining how our clients could apply energy management techniques to their facilities. By leveraging our design-build-maintain approach, we integrate energy efficiency and U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) standards into both new construction and retrofit/renovation projects. 

Sustainable Services and Resources 

With LEED-accredited personnel and certified energy managers working in-house, Southland can evaluate and design a variety of solutions to suit your needs. From energy modeling and computational fluid dynamics to building automation controls and energy analysis, we are fully capable of helping you achieve maximum efficiency for your facility. Services like commissioning, retro-commissioning, testing, adjusting and balancing, utility rate analysis, and evaluation of state and federal energy incentives ensure your building is operating as efficiently as it was originally designed, while saving costs at the same time. Whether an owner is trying to reduce energy costs, achieve LEED or Energy Star compliance, or perform energy usage upgrades that will qualify for tax incentives or rebates, Southland will identify the ideal energy solutions.


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