Supply Chain Responsibility

Taking Action

Our projects are multifaceted and are driven by our ability to work with others effectively and ethically as part of a responsible supply chain. With the goal of supporting successful projects through strong and diverse supply chain partnerships, Southland takes a targeted approach. Through our specific supply chain practices, strategies, plans, and standards, Southland inspires diverse, sustainable, and responsible action with our partners and clients. 

Supply Chain Management Plan

Through an actionable plan with strict standards, our supply chain practices involve partnership agreements, which outline the service level expectations, stability in pricing, agreed contractual terms for billing, and more. This enables Southland to ensure integrity through our procurement processes that govern our strategic partnership agreements and purchase order process.


A Team Effort

Supply chain management is a critical component of the procurement process, ensuring the proper actions are taken to provide structure and service to the success of our projects. Southland has a team of people who uphold the integrity of this process and governance of our suppliers. Our process and approach encompass fair business practices that support a win-win mentality with our strategic supply partners. We support each other and work collaboratively for the best overall outcome.


Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability practices span the entire business and supply chain sustainability plays a big part in our overall sustainability efforts. We focus on sustainability through the right supply chain partners and processes.

Our supply chain sustainability goals include:
• Socially- and environmentally-sound procurement efforts
• Fair treatment of suppliers
• Measures for cost-certainty


Minority & Small Business

Southland partners with a variety of suppliers and distributors, including minority owned and small business providers, and recognizes the importance and benefits of utilizing Small Business Enterprises (SBE), Minority Owned, Women Owned, Service-Disabled Veterans (MWSDVBE), MDOT Certified, and local businesses in the performance of our contracts.

Some of our small business enterprise (SBE) utilization rates for recent projects are:

  • Fort Riley ESPC Phase 1: 60.0%
  • Atlanta Falcons Stadium: 35.8%
  • New Natural Resources Headquarters Building: 27.5%
  • Martin Luther King (MLK) Hospital Renovation: 43.3%
  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center: 42.0%


Our History

We have a long-standing history of working with our partners to fulfill our contractual scope of work on our projects. Our experience with small business utilization ensures that we are well-versed and capable of meeting and exceeding the Good Faith Efforts goal.

Southland is committed to helping small businesses that have a strong desire to grow, and we do it in a strategic and efficient manner. Based on our experience, we believe that choosing the right MWSDVBE partners and pairing them with a scope of services that is aligned with their core competencies, we can seamlessly execute our work and deliver a successful, risk-free project. 


Outreach Programs & Local Marketplace Targets 

To support local outreach efforts and target local marketplace opportunities, Southland:
• Attends career fairs
• Meets with local unions
• Conducts one-on-one interviews with interest companies
• Leverages online resources
• Provides mentoring opportunities
• Fosters pre-existing MWSDVBE relationships

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