Small Business

At Southland Industries, we take our commitment to assist small businesses with an unwavering desire to grow very seriously. Years of experience have taught us that by choosing the right small business enterprise (SBE) partners and pairing them with a scope of services closely aligned to their core competencies, we can—and will—seamlessly execute our work. It is through seamless execution that we continually deliver successful, risk-free projects to our customers.

With a longstanding history of working with our partners to fulfill the contractual scope of work of each project, we recognize the importance and benefits that stem from utilizing proficient SBEs in the performance of our contracts. By blending the right mix of service providers and scopes of work to help exceed the owner's goals for SBE participation, we are able to surpass expectations in a strategic and efficient manner.

In our significant involvement with SBE contracting, we have experienced great success with outreach programs targeting the local marketplace through career fairs, meetings with local unions, and one-on-one interviews with interested companies. The unique network of online tools created by the Small Business Agency also allows us to identify and reach out to businesses that might not otherwise be aware of the opportunities presented through this project. Beyond local community programs, we maintain strong relationships with the many SBEs with which we have worked repeatedly over the past ten years.

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