LCI Honors Southland Industries’ Henry Nutt with Pioneer Award

Dulles, VA
The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) recently honored Henry Nutt, Sheet Metal General Superintendent at Southland Industries, with the Pioneer Award at the 20th Annual LCI Congress. 


How Lean Leaders are Changing the Industry

Article | Lean Construction Blog
Through opportunities as a design engineer at Southland Industries, as well as her involvement with the Lean Construction Institution’s Lean Leader group, Erin Miller has learned how Lean practices can transform a project, and how important engaging the next generation of professionals is to full industry transformation. 


Southland Industries’ Phoenix Office Named One of the “Coolest in the Valley”

Article |  AZ Big Media

AZ Big Media recently named Southland Industries as one of the 14 coolest offices in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Designed with form and function in mind as well as creating an environment that people want to be in, the coolest offices will grab your attention and keep it until the workday ends, explains author Steve Burks. 


Southland Industries’ Golf Tournament Raises Over $94,000 for Charities

Garden Grove, CA
Southern California-based Southland Industries recently hosted its 15th annual golf tournament in support of the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Children’s Foundation.


What California’s Microgrid Bill Means to the State – and Everybody Else

Article | Microgrid Knowledge
California’s recent passage of microgrid legislation is a good indicator that other states will soon follow suit, but challenges lie ahead in standardizing the connection between a microgrid and the larger grid, explains Southland Energy’s Ken Robinson. 


To Fearlessness & Innovation: Cheers to the CIO 100 Tech Leaders!

Article | Workspot
Israel Sumano, Southland Industries' Senior Director of Infrastructure Services, encapsulates the qualities of modern IT leaders. He was instrumental in leading his organization down a path that significantly contributed to the company's digital transformation: Virtual GPU workstations in the cloud. If you're familiar with traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you can only imagine the level of fearlessness that Israel needed to muster to make that bold leap! After all, CAD and BIM professionals are the most demanding end users on the planet, writes Brad Peterson.  



Garden Grove, CA

Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CFE) today announced Southland Industries as the 16th-ranked 2018 MEP Giant. The 100 engineering firms distinguished by this prestigious award are recognized in the August 2018 issue, highlighted online at, and honored at a dinner and networking awards event in Chicago in October.  


What is the difference between a microgrid and a smart grid?

Article | InBuilding Magazine

The term “smart grid” is often used as a generic term when discussing how technology is impacting the creation and use of energy, but it’s somewhat vague. Technology affects energy use in many ways and at many levels, and the phrase “smart grid” is not meaningful to most building owners. However, a related concept, the microgrid, is something that owners and property managers should become familiar with. So what do these terms actually mean? Southland Energy’s Ken Robinson explains.


Exploring complex hotels, resorts, and casinos: Automation and controls

Article | CSEMAG
Today's high-end hotel tower suites are designed to optimize comfort and simplify the overall guest experience, but the technology behind them is increasingly complex, explains Matt Dolan, Senior Design Engineer, Southland Industries, Las Vegas.


Patient Priorities: Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center

Article | Building Design + Construction

Building Design + Construction recently highlighted the completion of the 390,000-square-foot Cleveland Clinic Taussig Center, for which Southland Industries provided design-assist services.

When design-assist contractors for mechanical, electrical, and fire protection were selected, they immediately began working with the design team to evaluate the early MEPFP models for cost and constructability. The final construction cost resulted in an overall savings to the owner of $21 million, $17 million of which was directly attributed to the collaborative efforts of the design and construction team.