Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Webinar: Southland Safety - One Team

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 17:30 to 18:30

During the webinar Southland will discuss how they created a culture where their safety team from all divisions across the country have come together to try and achieve a common goal, zero injuries.  The common goal of zero injuries is not one that is easily obtainable in our industry, but by working as one unit and getting the small wins, Southland is continually closing in on achieving zero injuries.  However just like many other goals, this takes constant tweaking and maintenance that the team at Southland drives continuously. As a team they stress “Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated.


  • Reyann Contreras - VP of Safety and Risk Management
  • Zach Gill - Northern CA Safety Manager
  • Joe Visgaitis - Mid-Atlantic Safety Manager
  • Scott Limpus - Southern CA Safety Manager
  • Jerry Nichols - South West Safety Manager
  • Maureen Gadient - National Division Safety Manager
  • Pat Parra – Corporate Vehicle Safety Manager

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