See Something, Say Something


See Something, Say Something

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When it comes to safety, everyone is responsible. At Southland Industries, safety is our number one priority, and we do our best to ensure our men and women go home in the same condition they came to work. On one of our latest healthcare projects, the project team instilled a ‘see something, say something’ principle to ensure each unsafe situation would be identified.

Southland’s field superintendent, Brett Davis, took the team’s principle to heart when a high potential incident occurred on site. With approximately 43 years of field experience, Brett has always been an advocate for continuous safety improvement.

During a routine delivery, Brett passed by a 73-foot tractor trailer and noticed that the empty trailer’s landing gear bottomed out on the transition at the top of the ramp. The truck’s air bags were not inflated, which left the trailer stuck at the exit. After Brett informed the driver that the suspension bags were not inflated, the driver attempted to use the interior suspension switch to raise the trailer. This attempt was unsuccessful, and eventually, the driver went under the truck to manually open the air valve that controls the suspension air bags. Once the driver was able to open the air valves, the inflation, coupled with the unlocked brakes, sent the tractor trailer rolling backward.

Luckily, the driver was able to get out from under the truck safely. However, instead of trying to verbally warn bystanders of the danger, Brett sprang into action and opened the cab door of the moving truck to apply the brakes and stop the tractor trailer from rolling to the bottom of the ramp.

“I would like to commend Brett Davis, for his quick response in stopping a very dangerous situation.  Brett courageously jumped into an unoccupied, moving, 73-foot tractor trailer,” said Reyann Contreras, Vice President of Safety and Risk Management at Southland Industries.  “He stopped the truck, ensuring that no one was harmed and that his team was able to return home that evening safe and sound.  Brett is a shining example of courage and bravery and Southland is very proud to have him on our team,” Contreras continued.

Following the incident, the site was immediately shut down for a site-wide safety review, and the project team took the time to discuss and understand the risks involved, as well as identify appropriate actions.

Although the situation was not ideal for those involved, Brett’s actions illustrated the importance of the team’s safety principle. Had Brett not sprung into immediate action, the outcome may have been vastly different. However, due to his quick thinking, Brett was able to help show the team’s commitment to safety. The project has remained incident free since then.

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