Southland Engineering

Electrical Systems

Southland provides customized electrical designs for new construction and retrofit projects across a variety of markets and industries. Offering optimal designs based on specific project requirements, such as functionality, life, flexibility, energy-efficiency, and budget, our professional electrical engineers and designers have an extensive background and knowledge that cover:

  • Low-Voltage Electrical Distribution Power Systems including utility coordination and power distribution system design including, but not limited to: 208Y/120-V, 240/120-V, and 480Y/277-V systems.
  • Medium-Voltage Electrical Distribution Power Systems including facility and campus integration with utility, facility central plant, supplemental (prime or standby) power systems.
  • Lighting Systems including interior, exterior, and decorative lighting systems, custom light fixture design, associated lighting level calculations, and building-wide lighting controls.
  • Power Monitoring Systems including power quality monitoring for mission critical applications and power metering for basic or billing (revenue –grade) usage.
  • Alternative Electrical Power Systems including fuel-powered generator plants, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, solar photovoltaic systems, and non-standard system voltages.
  • Low-Voltage System Infrastructure including pathways and power supplies for telecommunication systems, audiovisual systems, CATV systems, and security systems.
  • Grounding Systems including complete grounding systems, general and supplemental, for all building types, including but not limited to: mission critical, healthcare, and military facilities.
  • Fire Alarm Systems including preparation of performance specification and design drawings for permitting and fire alarm vendor shop drawing development.