Design Your Path.

At Southland Industries, we believe people are our greatest resource. It is our entrepreneurial team that drives innovation and excellence within our company and our industry—and that team begins with you. Whether your focus is design, construction, service, safety, energy, or controls, an internship at Southland allows you to choose your path forward.

In our industry, learning is a hands-on experience. Whether you are putting pencil to paper alongside design engineers or working with crews in the field on one of our critical projects, a Southland internship will allow you to get your hands dirty with skilled experts that offer guidance as you go. You will learn to take concepts from school textbooks to reality through continuous training and the real-world responsibility you will be given at Southland.

Our well-rounded internship program is designed to help you understand the different components of our firm. Through exposure to all facets of our business, you have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the industry, the building lifecycle, and most importantly, the power to determine your future. If you have questions about our co-op program, please connect with us for more information.

Build Your Future. 

We believe that the more opportunity we allow those that work here, the greater the results. Priding ourselves on the progressive nature of our work, Southland’s employees are known for a "whatever it takes" attitude producing big ideas through an integrated team environment. At Southland, we seek people that don’t just want to follow a career path, but prefer to create their own. People who apply innovation to their problem solving while embracing full collaboration between disciplines work at Southland.

Knowing that our work has a great impact on the lives others experience indoors as well as positive effects on the outdoor environment through the forward-thinking choices we make, Southland’s workplace is filled with passion and purpose. Southland individuals work hard to come up with the most innovative yet practical solutions possible, which is why Southland is an award-winning company today.

To find out when Southland is coming to your school, check out our upcoming events.